Creo Models

Where might I find the creo models for this year’s game pieces?

Team 'Snow Problem, a Robot in 3 Days team, has some step files in their GrabCAD repository that I think you might find useful.

The tote is pretty basic, but the recycling container and recycling container lid are detailed.

I just learned that Creo 3.0 has the ability to open SolidWorks files.
You can go over to the SolidWorks KoP website at:
There you can click on “NEW! FRC SOLIDWORKS Kit of Parts 2015” which will download a zip folder of the 2015 KoP.
When you unzip the folder you will be able to use the Open function as long as you select “All Files” instead of “Creo Files.”
The files that you’ll be interested in are called YELLOW-TOTE.sldprt, GRAY-TOTE.sldprt, LITTER.sldprt, RECYCLING_CAN.sldprt, RECYCLING_CAN_LID.sldprt, and RECYCLING_BIN_ASM.sldasm.


PTC should be releasing the entire kit of parts and the entire field (including game pieces set up in starting configuration) in Creo, but it took a couple of days from kickoff last year. I’m awaiting anxiously.