Creo Parametric 4.0

PTC is now offering Creo Parametric 4.0 for FIRST teams!

You can pick up all the information and software here:

There’s a lot of new features and capabilities in Creo 4.0. I’ll try to get a summary together to share with everyone.

My experience with Pro E/PTC Creo has been somewhat less-than-enthusing. It’s like the “turing tarpit” of CAD software; everything is possible, but nothing of interest is easy.

Everyone loves a good video these days, so here a great webcast from 3HTi on what’s new in Creo 4.0.

Have been using Creo 4.0 since October or so, and of particular not for users upgrading is that rendering functionality IS NOT included in the default license pack. You need to apply for a premium license which seems to be somewhat hidden from the student user application form (I had no issue getting it from the educator application form, so YMMV).

Overall though, Creo 4.0 has been a major upgrade in day-to-day use from Creo 3.0. I just wish they’d stop shipping with the crippled academic UI, especially for the sketching tool. Hiding all the useful tools in a drop down really makes it much more difficult, and since most of the support information is only for corporate users it’s piecing together a puzzle to figure out where the files are to fix some of this stuff.