Creo Parametric in Linux

Does anybody have any experience using Creo (more specifically Parametric) in WINE or other Windows alternatives in Linux? I saw the system requirements on PTC’s website and it talks about OpenGL instead of DirectX, so I see no GPU problems. According to the WineHQ, it classifies Creo 2.0 in the “Garbage” category. I would test this myself with Lubuntu running on the computer to my right but sudo apt-get install wine failed for “package reasons.” Any help would be appreciated!

I just used Synaptic to install Wine on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (an old refurbished Dell Latitude E6410 with a Intel Core i5). You literally stole the question that I was about to ask. I guess I’ll just have to test it out. :slight_smile:

The installer opens, but the program does not work after installing. I have a couple of hypothesizes.

  1. Figure 1 is an excerpt from the system logs. It seems that Creo might need all of these dlls

  2. Also I think that Creo thinks that I’m running Windows 7, which, lol, nope, but especially nope because Wine runs sort of like Windows XP

  3. Or I’m just bad at Linux, literally got this computer a week ago after being a devout Windows user. Sure, I can barely use Git, but that does not a Linux master make.

    ewwww.txt (48.9 KB)