Crimps to attach to controller

Can somebody tell me where to buy crimps for signal wire, that will attach to the pins on the RC? I have some connector housings that the crimps slide into left over from last year, it has places for barbs on the crimps to lock into.

for signals? that sounds like for in/out pins…use the female end of a pwm cable


The crimper tool is part # 159266 and costs $10.95
The female pins are part # 100766 and cost $0.15 (I think that’s for 10)
The male pins are part # 145358 and cost $0.15 (I think that’s for 10)
The 3-pin housings are part # 157383 and cost $0.22

I just put in an order at Hansen’s Hobbies
They should have what you are looking for.

I second the recommendation for Hansen Hobbies.

I know I’ve found them on Digikey, but the other suggestions are great. I wish i could remember the price on the ones i got, the prices from Jameco seem similar, but that could be wrong, since digikey is overpriced on average.

For everyone’s information they are 0.1" pin headers that are on the RC (0.1" pin to pin)