cRIO 2012 Image to 2011 Image

Okay so for our 2011 robot we updated its cRIO to the 2012 image (for some reason) and now it won’t do anything. We were using a CAN network for the 2011 season but the mentor who owned the 2CAN left (with the 2CAN). We were still able to drive the robot without the 2CAN (I don’t know how) until we updated the cRIO image to the 2012 version. When I tried to revert the image to the 2011 version, it gives me an error saying the source path is not valid (or something to that extent) and gives me this:


There have been the same messages with other paths but when I complete them another error shows up with another path.

So is there anything we can do to fix this?

The Jags have not been updated to the latest firmware and I think that might be the problem but we want to try the cRIO image first before we start updating the Jag firmware.

When you updated the robot to the 2012 image, the old program got wiped out as part of the process.

The robot won’t do anything until you download a newly re-built version of your drive code.

If the 2CAN is gone you can still drive using CAN through a serial port connector running from the cRIO serial port to the first Jaguar in the CAN chain. Part of the cRIO imaging processes lets you select which CAN path you will use. As an alternative, you can also switch your drive code to use PWM control.