Crio and compressor question

I can’t figure out why the cRIO won’t hold the program i use the cRIO tool and i check the box format controller and i also check the box that is right under the word labview (because it lists 3 different coding languages) and download it and it says download completed successfully but it does not hold, meaning it loses the program after we shut the robot off.

And does anyone have a program for the compressor loop because i can get the compressor to check when it reaches pressure once and shut off but after we use some of the air the compressor comes back on like it should but this time it does not stop and keeps going until we unplug it manually. (I can’t figure out how to loop the process.)

~Team 569

To download your program permanently, do it from the LabVIEW Project Explorer window:

  • Under Build Specifications there is a file listed: FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment
  • Right-click on that file and choose “Build” (this will take a few minutes to complete)
  • Right-click on that file again and choose “Run as startup” (at the end of this you will be asked to reboot the robot)
    *]Reboot the robot.

If you are using the compressor vi to start the compressor than that part is built into it. You don’t have to do anything but start the compressor and let it run. The it will shut off automatically when the pressure gets to around 120ish psi, and then turn back on when it needs to.