cRIO and Windriver Support in 2015

Hi everyone,

We have been greatly enjoying using the roboRIO and all of the new electronics this year, which actually has convinced us to switch to Java from C++.

But on another note, we still have three old cRIOs that our team would like to use on test chassis or other test electronics mockups and we don’t really want to purchase new roboRIOs to replace our previous cRIO arsenal. When I was using Windriver today I realized that the licence expires on January 31st 2015 and there was no updated Windriver licence provided with this kit of parts. Furthermore, I was trying to test the new CANTalons, but I believe there was no C++ update for the cRIO to use WPILib to connect to them (correct me if I am wrong).

How will it be possible to program for the cRIOs after the Windriver licence expires? Am I missing something, or is FIRST intentionally stopping support for the cRIO?

Thanks so much for your help!

TKO 1351 Programming Lead

Awesome, thanks so much!