cRio corruption/polling problem

This seemed to deal with both the control system and programming, so I stuck it in here. Please move if appropriate.Also this has a long list of the debugging we did, but just the symptoms are listed at the bottom

Our cRio has recently started acting very strangely–essentially, after a code update, the robot just stopped working, and began its disabled flashing sequence. Suspecting a watchdog problem, we disabled the watchdog, thinking that maybe something in the code was running a lot slower than usual and causing it to die–but when we redownloaded code with it disabled, we just got solid “neutral” outputs on our PWMs, as well as not getting any program output when we pulled up a remote console, which we think means the code was crashing at startup(comments?).

Now the really weird stuff–our dashboard was still able to report the status of our DS digitial inputs even when this thing was supposedly crashed. Since we’re using the default Dashboard code on our robot, our belief is that this requires calling the packAndSend function, which couldn’t happen if it was crashed.(is this true? Or is there some multi-threaded weirdness going on here?).
Now it gets odder–believing that there might be some sort of corruption in the cRio’s internal memory, we tried to re-image it. However, the imaging tool was unable to locate the cRio despite the fact that we could both download code and use the dashboard. In addition, whenever we would try to download a “stable” version of our code, the DS would simply display “No code”, however in the current version it displays the battery voltage.

The other thing is that we recently rewired our robot and installed the v11 updates for the cRio and our coding computer. The problem seems oddly specific for a hardware issue, and we’ve successfully used the v11 in the past, but there you have it.

So the symptoms we’ve been having are:

  1. Watchdog tripping as soon as the robot starts
  2. No remote terminal output, but we can get DS status over the dashboard
  3. None of the motors on the robot can move after it starts, even with the watchdog disabled(robot says its in normal teleop mode)
  4. Robot will not accept programs other than the current version
  5. The imaging tool can’t find the cRio

Any way you could help would be greatly appreciated

Regarding the imaging issue you may want to try setting the cRIO and laptop’s address to team 0000. Take a look at my response on

Please let us know if that works.