CRIO Crash with PSoc code

I’m trying to make the crio output to the cypress board. Instead it crashes. I have the boards that came in the kit and 2 more from andymark. I have tried putting the newest hex file, but they process fails. Not sure if the firmware is the problem. The driver station does make a connection and I do set it to enhanced.

DriverStationEnhancedIO &Cypress1 = m_ds->GetEnhancedIO();

Anyone have any input?

Was wondering if anyone out there can help on this. I got no answer before.
Basically this code crashes the crio II:

DriverStationEnhancedIO &Cypress1 = m_ds->GetEnhancedIO();

What do you mean, “crashes the cRIO”?

Are you sure that m_ds has been assigned using DriverStation::GetInstance()? Everything else looks fine

EDIT: The hex file on the cypress board shouldn’t be able to crash it. The Driver Station sits between the cRIO and the cypress and handles the interfacing, so the cRIO never has a direct connection to the cypress