CRIO Dip switch broken

The safe mode dip switch seems to be broken on our crio and is therefore stuck in safe mode. Does anyone know how we can get off safe mode?

You could open the cRio up and see if removing the case will allow the switch to move. You should probably contact a NI rep for help if you cant get it back. They are very friendly and helpful!

{Disclaimer:I have not done this} Or you could manually break the connection of the dip switch if it does not want to move. This could be done by unsoldering the switch. Make sure you are statically grounded when you open up the crio and that there are no metal chips on the crio as these can fall in and cause a short circuit. We short circuited our cRio last year, so be very carefull.

I already opened up the crio and tried to see if i could move the switch but it didn’t. I was thinking of desoldering the dip switches and installing a new one. Does anyone know where i may obtain one? Also, I will try to contact NI before doing this

Often if you call NI, you can RMA the cRIO for a broken DIP switch. If you do any soldering on it, that will void the warranty.