cRIO/Driver Station output to laptop

Hope that thread title wasn’t too vague…

What sort of data can I expect to get back from the cRIO and/or Driver Station, when they’re plugged into a laptop? I recall reading that both can send back information.

I guess my main question is: if I were to have a laptop connected to our driver station, what sorts of additional data could I get from that connection? Telemetry? Live camera feed? Sensor readings? Speed? Battery levels? Status indicators?

Just trying to imagine some new possibilities before football starts here today…

The short answer is, “yes” take a look at the end of this video:

on the dashboard you can see video, PWM power values (look at the bars to the right of the video feed), battery voltage or anything else you want to program into it.


This is going to be awesome!

I believe that in competition, dashboard will not be able to receive video. There are concerns about bandwidth.