cRio, ethernet, and DS issues .. (was: HELP!!!!)

My team and I are new members. We are haveing serious problems with the part of using the router. We updated the ds and all. we trided to plug the wirless cisco into the into the cRio and we put the router directly to the computer with a ethernet cord like the bood said tand it didnot wok. We finally got it to work by plugging the router into the crio and then a ethernet cord to ther driver station and then a ethernet cable from the wireless to the driver station and one final ethernet cord from the router to the computer. is that the right way if not please let us know. We spent about 9 hours just on that one part. PLEASE HELP!!!

A bit of configuration is required to get everything working properly. Start with the Chapter 5 PDF available here:

The first thing you should do is update the driver station and the cRio, as the chapter outlines (pages 2,3,4,5, and 7). This will set those two devices to specific IP’s - 10.xx.yy.zz, as indicated on page 6.

Once you’ve done that, you can configure the router and the gaming adapter as described on page 10.

When you get everything properly configured and arranged, you can hook it up according to the diagram on page 6. The camera and gaming adapter are each plugged into one of the ports on the cRio, while the driver station hooks up to the router. The laptop shown in the picture hooked up to the driver station is optional, and will allow you (at competition) to see some additional feedback from your robot, if you program it correctly.

I hope this helps. If not, please try to better detail how you had yours hooked up. Indicate the IP values for all the devices, which ports everything is plugged into, etc. Both the driver station and the cRio have numbers next to the ethernet ports for reference.

what the person above me said (sorry too lazy to remember) that should work. now if you continue to have problems check to make sure your battery has full power as the cRIO doesnt work nciely under low power

What is that statement based on? The PD would be supplying good voltage under a wide range of battery conditions. I’m curious as to what you’ve seen.

i will try to charge the battery because it said that that the voltage was like 0.01 i think. if that dosent iwork i do not know what we will do

It sounds like either the Analog Breakout on the first NI module is not connected to the Power Distribution, or the jumper on the Analog Breakout is not set correctly to provide battery voltage monitoring.

if that dosent iwork i do not know what we will do

What you should do is follow the very specific and detailed directions in Chapter 2 of the Control System Manual provided here:

It refers to the other chapters, so you will need them all in order to do it properly.