cRIO failure; any other teams encounter this?

Our team bought a cRIO this year because the 2010 KoP did not include one, and we didn’t want to gut the 2009 robot (need it for demo to wow potential sponsors).

The new cRIO started acting flaky early this morning (having trouble deploying code - had to keep cycling power). Eventually lost connectivity altogether (with a direct hardwire connection via crossover cable from the development PC).

Tried to re-image but that didn’t work either.

So we ripped the cRIO out of last year’s robot in installed it in the 2010 robot, and the programming team immediately commented on how much faster the code deploment process runs on it compared to the new one we bought.

Just wondering if any other teams have experienced similar issues.


My team (192) bought two new cRIOs this year(one subsidized, one full price :frowning: ) , and have had no performance issues at all with either…

We actually blew one of our Crios. A fuse just magically blew while we were trying to get an rpm measurement from a wheel. We had been having problems with connectivity on it before though but since we changed it out with a new one we’ve been problem free (with the crio at least)

last year we blew a crio, metal shard got in through the console out port and fried it, had a different crio’s reset switch break due to using a screwdriver to push it a little too often