cRIO feedback

In WindRiver,
How do you read the feedback from the cRIO (e.g. the printf() statements)
or is there another function we should use for this

There is a Printf method in the Dashboard object ( Dashboard::GetInstance()->Printf(“Hello World!”); ), but just plain printf prints to the Serial Console.
Connect your computer to the cRIO’s serial port with a Null modem cable, Then you can view the console output with any terminal emulator you choose (the one in WindRiver, HyperTerminal, PuTTY).

(The Serial Port is 9600 baud 8 data bits no flow control/handshaking 1 stop bit with default settings (or 9600 8N1) )

You can view them from WindRiver without a serial cable. After setting up the cRIO as a remote system and connecting to it, right click the cRIO in the remote systems tab on the left, and in target tools, click on target console. You can view your printf statements this way.