cRIO File Writing Problem

My team is experiencing problems trying to write files to the cRIO. I have examined the threads on CD, and noticed you have to use the function “Priv_SetWriteFileAllowed(1);” to allow writing to the cRIO flash memory. I call this function in our program while including <WPILib.h> and I get the error that it is an undeclared function call.

I am wondering if I am possibly not including the correct header file for that call, or if I even need to call that anymore to access the memory.

-Ian McInerney
Programmer, Team 2022

I believe that Pirv_SetWriteFileAllowed(1) applies to images (I read that somewhere). I have written a Log class that successfully writes to the cRIO without the use of that function:

Also, this thread might be of use to you:

Upon further investigation of the image library files, I found that the prototype for that function was not in the headers anymore, so I had to add one.

This is what it looks like:
IMAQ_FUNC int Priv_SetWriteFileAllowed(UINT32 enable);

Thanks for all your help.
-Ian McInerney
Programmer, Team 2022