cRIO-FRC Training Video: Sensor Basics

This is the third installment of cRIO-FRC training being produced by National Instruments.

FIRST Robotics Competition: Sensor Basics
This video provides an overview of the different sensors provided as well as how to use them in LabVIEW. It will provide a good foundation on how to connect the sensors to the hardware and build a basic program to get values from the sensors.

Please post feedback! We want to make our training material the best possible.

NI FIRST Support

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I watched the videos and they seemed very clear to me. Nice work!

I agree… There very good quality. Easy to understand yet technical for newbi’s. At is there a way to select the video to watch? I’ve watched the videos and wish to review a few certain flicks. Maybe I’m just missing a link or something. It seems they just play at random.

Check out this thread, it may just be what the Dr. ordered.

That is just what I needed… Thanks Mr.Bill