Hello everybody. I’m a noob from team 2432. So i’m kinda of new at this robotics stuff.

1st What screws are used to mount down the CRIO.

2nd How do u mount the CRIO

3rd. What’s the best way to program the CRIO

4th What is the main purpose of the anolog breakout

5th What nails can be used to mount down the jaguars, anolog breakout, and power distrubution board

And finally how do u encode the team name into the CRio

I know I have a lot of questions, but this is only my 2nd year. lol.
Any speedy help would be greatly appreciated.

1.) Goto read the manual(s)

2.) You mount it to something that is non-conductive via the mounting holes.

3.) See 1.) Based on your questions probably labview

4.) To get analog data to the cRio and monitor battery voltage

5.) Don’t use nails to attach any of these devices.

6.) See 1.)

You also DESPERATELY need to bookmark the above site and download and follow EVERYTHING STEP-BY-STEP (it’s also accessed via the previous post’s link by going to Section 8 Robot and Control System docs).

PLEASE print all of the first 10 or so docs from the above link and following the wiring and getting-started documents. You’re going to have a very busy week.

The above link also includes links to the software upgrades that you’ll absolutely need to install.


thanks, but i can sum tell me exactly wat screw I would need for the CRIO. And 2ndly where to find it. And how would i mount the other components to a chassis without screws

I think we’re using nylon 8-32 screws and nuts. They probably came from Fastenal, but that’s not important. It looks like an M5 screw would work too.

And how would i mount the other components to a chassis without screws

The advice was not to use nails. Screws are fine. Zip ties are good. Velcro works.

thank u Alan Anderson, I kno i’m asking alot but how could u use zip ties

Drill holes in a polycarb sheet matching the size and location of the component. Feed a zip tie up though the bottom on the polycarb and though the mounting hole. If you did not make the hole too big, the head of the zip tie should not pass though the hole as it is too big.

Take another zip tie and push the head onto the zip tie on the component side and tighten down onto the component. Trim both loose ends…

Generally, there are no rules on how to build your robot. It does not matter what screws, nails, zip ties, etc… you use as long as it works. Just use common sense, and you’ll probably be all right. Do read the manual though.

I would recommend not using zip ties to mount the cRIO. It’s too heavy to be mounted with zip ties and to remain on the robot during competition. I would use a small machine bolt, but remember to keep it insulated from the frame (aka use a piece of wood or some other non-conductive material to mount the cRIO).

I’d like to further reiterate RyanN’s point - the cRIO and the camera need to mounted such that their metal surfaces do NOT touch the robot frame. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished.

With everything mounted, disconnect the battery and use a continuity checker to determine whether either the + or - lines in the connector to the PD are connected to your robot chassis. This is the test that inspectors will perform on Thursday before you can compete.