cRIO-II imaging error

We recieved a new FRC-CRIO-II and are trying to image it but we get this error:

Error -2147220304 occurred at
Timeout while waiting for reboot. System is offline.

We are using the 2011 classmate with image v43 and 2012 system update. We are using the c++ language option.

That means there’s a network problem confusing the Imaging Tool.
Are you using the latest edition Utilities? An update was issued during the early season.

Disable (not just turn off) the Classmate wireless.
Ethernet to a switch, and from there to the cRIO. Make sure the Ethernet port isn’t flaky.
Firewall off and all that.

Oddly enough, in a certain number of cases, ENABLing the wireless may actually help, too, so try it both ways.
You can always try Imaging from a different PC, too.

The latest imaging tool has “Version 2012.1.20” in its title bar. That is the one you should be using. You can download it from here: