Crio image for 2012?

when trying to deploy the code we get

C:\Users\wildcatRobo\sunspotfrcsdk\ant\upgrade.xml:40: Expected version; for Name but got;. Go to to get latest software update

i went to the link but the latest version is version 29. Any help?


You have to reimage your cRio using the imaging tool to get the latest edition.

The latest edition is 43.
You are still on 29 with the cRIO. You need to reimage the cRIO and select 43 under format.

Has anyone had a problem with the new cRIO image? I just installed it tonight and now we have serious lagging problems. Any ideas?


Are there any errors being displayed in the Diagnostic tab on the Driver Station? If that doesn’t point you in a useful direction, use the new “#” tab to see what your CPU usage and packet times are. That might give you a clue.

As Alan mentioned, errors slow down the controller, and if you, for example, didn’t notice that the modules are in a new order this year, you will receive lots of errors.

Greg McKaskle

I couldn’t help but notice that after reimaging the classmate, I no longer have a shortcut to the imaging tool on the desktop. Where is the file? I assume it’s somewhere in %program files%/National Instruments, but that’s too big a folder to look through.


After imaging the Classmate you need to install the FRC Tools from the NI USB key (or full LabVIEW install if you choose).

Then install the Utilities Update and Driver Station Update (plus the update for the language of your choice if you are doing development on the Classmate). After installing these updates, go to Start>>All Programs>>National Instruments>>Labview 2012 to find the Imaging Tool

Thanks. I have now opened the new imager and it has recognized the cRio. Now it is asking for the Image. It has the labview image 43, but when I check java it says it doesn’t have any images.

Each language installs the image in a specific location. You have three options:
1.Set up Java on your Classmate

  1. Image the cRIO form the machine you plan to program on

  2. The kickoff images are all v43 so you should be able to image it with LabVIEW selected, wait for it to complete, and redetect the cRIO, then change the language to Java without checking the reformat box and then click Apply.