cRIO Image for 2014 missing

So, I was trying to update the robot for 2014, and I downloaded the 2014 update pack, with the cRIO flash tool. I assumed that the image would come with the tool, but it didn’t. Is there somewhere that I’m supposed to download the image? Is there a certain software pack that it comes in?

You did launch the setup application in the folder after you extracted it?

The update folder? I ran the setup after I extracted it. I wouldn’t have the flash utility if I didn’t (I think).

The image should have come with the tool. I’m not sure where else to help you here.

The image comes with the programming language update, ie NI, Java, or C++. If you are programming in Java or C++, you also need to install the Java or C++ update.

Not the Java (We’re programming in java) plugin? Oh I see it. Thanks, I wasn’t aware that there was an update for the languages.