CRIO Image tool won't recognize pneumatic breakout

when we run the Crio image tool, it does not recognize the pneumatic breakout in the slot. it always shows up red, like we have it in the wrong spot. We have tried all the spots. We think it belongs in slot 3. Any help would be great.

Yes, it should be slot 3. If you look at the cRIO slot 3 pins, do you see any damage? A bent pin would cause the module to not be detected.

+1 on the bent pin.

We had an issue last year and it recognized that something was there, but it wasn’t sure and it caused all sorts of little problems. We found a single bent pin, which I repaired myself. Works great now.

Of course, if you aren’t comfortable trying to bend the pin back by yourself, maybe find someone else who is or send it to NI to get fixed. It’s kind of expensive if you make the problem worse.