cRIO Imaging Error Message

Hi -

I am having problems imaging the cRIO. It is an 8 slot cRIO from last year. I receive an error message while doing it. I have installed all the updates in the correct order as well. Here’s the message I got:

Unable to complete operation because of unexpected error:
Error -2147220304 occurred at

Possible reason(s):

NI System Configuration: (Hex 0x800404B0) Timeout while waiting for reboot. System is offline.

Complete call chain:

What should I do?

Thanks in advanced for your help,

Jason Law

We have been having the same issue.

I read somewhere a reboot on everything after reformatting the cRIO in safe mode should work.

However, we haven’t had any luck yet.

The “timeout waiting for reboot” is a symptom of having an active firewall or having more than one network interface enabled. Make completely certain all firewalls are turned off, and that you have disabled every network interface except the one that’s actually connected to the cRIO.

By the way, disabling the wireless interface usually doesn’t mean simply turning off the WiFi radio. You have to actually go to the “manage network connections” part of the settings, right-click on the icon representing the extra interface, and choose “disable” from the popup menu.

Thanks. I’ll double check that the firewall was disabled and that all the other network interfaces are disabled. Hopefully that will work.

Thanks again,
Jason Law

We found the reason we got the error. We had a anti-virus program running and when it asked for permission to run, we accidentally clicked allow once. Therefore the anti-virus programed blocked the network connection from the cRIO after it rebooted.

Make sure you allow always

We got it to work following your advice about disabling the network adapters and firewalls. Thanks!