crio Imaging Problem

The labveiw image tool does not read an image on the crio. When i try to image it one of a few errors appear. When I am able to get access to the robot I’ll post the error numbers. Any suggestions?

Having the error information will help tremendously. Also, search for cRIO Imaging, there are several threads that discuss about everything you need to know about imaging the cRIO. Find one of the threads and make sure you have your hardware all configured correctly.

Things to look for
Make sure you are connected to the cRIO through the DLINK router and it is all configured correctly
Make sure ALL network connections are disabled on your computer except for the one you are connected to the DLINK through
Make sure you are connected to the DLINK and the DLINK is connected to the cRIO using standard ethernet cables.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Make sure you post detailed information about the error, how you have everything connected, and what settings you have set in the cRIO imaging tool and I’m sure we will be able to talk you through this.

Did those three things and it works. Thanks

Dont forget to turn off your wireless and firewall because they disrupt the communication between the computer and C-RIO!!!