cRIO imaging timeout error

we are trying to image our cRIO using the FRC cRIO imaging tool, but whenever we attempt to do so we run into this error

Unable to complete operation because of unexpected error:
Error -2147220304 occurred at

Possible reason(s):

NI System Configuration:  (Hex 0x800404B0) Timeout while waiting for reboot. System is offline.

Complete call chain:

any help would be appreciated as we need to put the code onto the robot

What is the IP address of your computer? It should be 10.47.73.xx, where xx is 5 (if you’re going to run the Driver Station on that computer) or 6 (if you’re just doing development on it) or something greater than 15 (if you have another computer at the .6 address). The subnet mask should be in any case. Check the Advanced settings for IPv4 and make sure that only one IP address is set on the adapter. Delete any extra ones.

You should not be trying to image the cRIO over a wireless connection. You should have only the wired network interface enabled on your computer, with every other interface disabled. The computer’s ethernet jack should be wired to one of the D-Link router’s connections, and the cRIO should be wired to another connection on the cRIO. You can wire directly from the computer to the cRIO, but some computers take a long time to deal with the cRIO’s dropping off the network during part of the reimaging process and that has been known to disrupt communication at a crucial time.

Do you have any antivirus or firewall software running on your computer? They should all be turned off when you’re trying to load a cRIO image.

did that, i also mis-typed my team name so the ip should be if we are imaging right? also do we need default gateways and/or DNS servers?

can you be more specific, we currently have our laptop with everything but the ethernet disabled, it isnt the laptop we were provided because that one sucks, it a toshiba running windows 8.1 if that makes a difference.

we have now hooked it up cRIO --> router --> Laptop via Ethernet

first thing we did

Are you sure you’ve turned off the Windows firewall and any antivirus software? The error message you copied here sounds like one that’s common when the network connection is being blocked.

we fixed it, we were being geniuses and we sending the wrong code. all good now