cRIO Imaging Tool and firmware?

Our team is refurbishing our demo robot and we’ve discovered we can’t actually drive it because its cRIO is running such old firmware. So I’m wondering if anyone has the imaging tool and firmware from 2014 laying around… Thanks!

We’re doing the same, but ended up getting no where software wise. The updates to Labview (this year) include the 4 slot cRIO updates. If you follow the old instructions you can find the imaging tool (it is well hidden, like many of the other tools.)

I am working on a side project using one of our team’s old cRIOs, and the 2015 imaging tool was not difficult to find, since it was in the same place as the RoboRIO imaging tool. However, I ran into a different problem after that hurdle was cleared: the cRIO was complaining about slot modules. the analog input module was indicated properly in Slot 1 and giving me all green lights, but no matter where I put the digital sidecar module, it didn’t register and Slot 2 was giving me a big red error saying that the ModuleID was not a match to any NI devices.