cRIO Imaging Tool HELP PLEASE!!!

i’m trying to connect to my cRIO but when i run the imaging tool it says that “no devices can be found” i’ve tried everything! the router, bridge and all other components of the robot are running fine, and the laptop is connected to the wireless signal. please help me! i don’t know what else to do!

Connect your cRio to your PC directly using a crossover cable, and set your IP address to subnet Then post your results.

BTW, i tried everything isn’t very useful. If you had tried everything you would have fixed it. :wink: Its much better to explain just what you have tried.

Try check your IP first. If this is your first time updating your cRIO, IP address should be with submask of
Connect your PC to Driver station. From there driver station should be connected to cRIO directly(I don’t recommend using wireless connection when you are updating cRIO image.)