cRIO imaging tool missing file and can't find image file

Hey everyone!

We installed the 2012 cRIO imaging tool on our laptop, but when the cRIO imaging tool starts up it says it is missing several files and after bypassing those errors, the imaging tool can’t find the image file for the cRIO.

Does anyone have any suggustions?

How did you install the Imaging Tool? Did you install the FRC Utilities from the LabVIEW flash drive?

We installed it off of a flash drive that had the imager from the National Instruments website. We don’t know where the flash drive that came in the kit is. :confused:

Do you mean you didn’t find it in the Kit, or do you mean you misplaced it?

You’ll need it in order to install the appropriate software and other files on the computer you’re going to use for programming. If you can’t find yours, I suggest you seek a nearby team and ask to borrow theirs.

This post has some explanation and pictures of where the FRC specific LabVIEW installer is in the Kit.

I don’t think it was in the kit because we inventoried the KOP as soon as we got it and didn’t see it. Do you know another place to find it?

I’m confused. It sounds like you’re saying that you determined something was missing from your Kit of Parts, but you didn’t contact FIRST with a request for a replacement when you had the chance. That can’t be right, can it?

Do you know another place to find it?

As I said in a previous post, try asking to borrow one from a nearby team. There are several teams in Orlando – two of them are also sponsored by jcpenney.

Thanks we’ll do that. And sorry about the confusion there were a lot of people inventorying it and it had gotten checked off by someone but we couldn’t find it. It turns out our mentor had it and didn’t tell us. But thanks for all the help!