cRIO Imaging Tool

We have a few newer computers on our team, and are unable to find where to get a download for the imaging tool. We can find the updates, but our problem is getting the program itsself. Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated

On the manuals page, follow the link for “software updates” and download the “utilities update”.

It (the cRIO imaging tool) is installed from the KOP LabView DVD. Even if you plan to program in Java or C++ you need to install some software from the LabView DVD. Please see page 5 of:

Here’s an informative paragraph from page 4 of that same document:

Requirements for the C/C++ Programming Environment
Installation of the “Wind River Package” from the FRC DVD requires 2.4 GB total disk space. Note that even the C/C++ programming environment will require installation of many portions of the NI software to support the cRIO. On a Windows XP platform the Wind River software takes an average of ½ hour to install. The FRC installation must be installed in the directory ”c:\WindRiver”. A different version of Workbench on your PC can remain installed, but it must be in a different directory.

The LabView installation puts a link to “FRC cRIO Imaging Tool” on the computer’s Desktop. It’s also at Windows => Start => All Programs => National Instruments => LabView v.v => FRC cRIO Imaging Tool.

It’s physically at:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\project\CRIO Tool\FRC CRIO Imaging Tool.exe

on my Windows XP laptop but I’m not at all certain it will end up here on different versions of Windows.

I doubt that you’re going to find a download of it, you’ll need the DVDs.