cRio issue

We are trying to configure the cRio but when we go to download the image it says that we do not have card 9403 in slot 2 and cannot deploy runnable labview code. We are able to put the 9403 in another slot and see it but it will not be detected in slot 2. Is there a way to switch which slot the 9403 can be placed in or another solution?

A DIO module in Slot 2 is required by the robot rules. Is there something obviously broken about that slot’s connector? If a pin is bent, it’s possible to unbend it with a very careful application of force. If that slot is truly broken, you should have it repaired. How old is the cRIO?

While it’s probably not competition legal to compete like this, you may be able to image it with it in slot four. I assume it’s an eight slot?