CRIO Java Image (2013)

Not sure if this is in the right spot or not, but where can I find the 2013 CRIO image? Our CRIO is imaged to LabVIEW but we switched to Java the year after, and none of our current members know LabVIEW.

We are hoping to be able to reimage it, use it as a training experience for our new programmers, and have our other Subteams fix up our 2013 robot, so we can take it around and show it off, since who doesn’t like flying things.

We’ve spent a decent amount of time trying to find an image and have turned up short.

Thank you,

I found a cRIO image marked as 2015 on an old computer that might work for you:

It looks like this is also still available from NI at the bottom:

I think the images were the same for both LabVIEW and Java (like every year).
What you do need is the JVM or runtime to put on the cRIO.

WPI still has the 2014 screensteps, have you tried going through those?

We faced the same issue - our team still uses old cRIO’s with Java for some prototyping, off-season projects, etc.

On our github there’s a repository that contains the components you’ll need to keep using Java on the cRIO, including the last Java-compatible cRIO image from 2014 and a gradle template so you can use Eclipse or IntelliJ rather than having to also install Netbeans and the old WPI plugins.

To actually re-image the cRIO (to switch from Labview to Java) you’ll also need the cRIO imaging tool from NI’s 2014 FRC Update Suite

Hope that helps! Feel free to PM if any questions

  • Ron