cRIO losing code

We have to keep flashing our cRIO when we turn off power to the robot. Also, when we lose connection to the router/bridge, we end up having to change the IP address on our driver station pc (non-classmate). We are using the new 4-slot cRIO.

This is the first time we have experienced this problem, so help is appreciated. Thanks.

What do you mean by “flashing the cRIO”? If you mean you have to use the FRC 2012 cRIO Imaging Tool to reload the firmware image, then there’s most likely something wrong with the cRIO and you’ll have to have it repaired.

If you mean you have to redownload your robot code every time you turn it on, there are a couple of possibilities. First, how are you downloading it? If you’re just running the Robot Main vi, you aren’t actually storing the program in the robot. In order to put it in the cRIO permanently, you need to Build it and then Run as startup (both found in the right-click popup menu under the FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment Build Specification).

Thanks - We’ll try it. By flashing I meant downloading code to it each time.