cRIO Module/Channel Allocation Error

The cRIO is loaded with Java and updated to the latest version which I believe is v43. There is specifically an issue with running the constructor instantiating objects on the modules for secondary module slots. We have the cRIO FRC I, the original cRIO model for FRC. I am actually trying to run the 2011 competition robot as a programming practice bot.

I get a reallocation error stating that the channel and slot is already being used. This occurs for both our digital module in slot 6, and the solenoid module in slot 7. We probably will need two digital sidecars again this year so solving this problem early is ideal. The digital module in slot 2 runs fine, motors connected to it spin fine on joystick input and no significant error pops up.

I have tried changing slot # and looking through the WPILibJ documentation but can find anything to solve the problem. I cannot find anything online or on Chief Delphi so I am hoping for some suggestions of things to try.

If you are trying to access those modules by referring to them as module “2” it sounds like a Java bug. I recommend entering it in the Tracker on the WPILib project, with details on what type of object you tried to open and the message you got.

Remember, this year no slot numbers are used in constructors, only module numbers, 1 and 2. slots 1-3 are modules 1 and 5-7 are module 2.