crio not communicating with digital io module/sidecar

I cannot seem to get the crio to communicate with my digital io module, the blinking light on the sidecar representing the communication from digital i/o module is not blinking. Also, when I set a relay to forward or reverse, light for relay does not turn green or red. At a loss, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am able to control motors using jaquars and pwm but that is analog and going through a different card. Is there anything special that needs to happen to configure the digital io module/card. I have it in slot 2 of the crio.

Please search the forum before creating a new thread. There are now at least 20 of these threads that I have seen.

If you read the manual, you will find that all of the cables that shipped were defective. On the first KOP website, there is a link to fix the DB37 cables that shipped.

Sorry, I did search and had found the threads regarding the faulty ribbon cables…we are not using that cable…using the db37 cable from last year.

threads all over the place

2 problems.

DB37 cable

digital I/O goes in slot two, new arrangement for this year

Right…I have the module in slot 2 and I am not using the faulty ribbon cable. Any other recommendations? This is pretty frustrating because I am not one of those guys who fails to read directions and I thought I had done my homework here. Had already identified changes this year regarding the new slot for digital I/O and the faulty ribbon cable. Applied all of the applicable updates, etc. Currently at a loss here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Several references to alot of other posts, are they in a different forum other than control system?

How are you providing power to your Digital Sidecar? Are the BATT and +5v LEDs lit?