cRIO not communicating with robot and robot is running random code!

We are having a strange problem and we would appreciate any thoughts!

The robot when turned on is running random parts of our robot (like turning on the compressor) before we click “enable”! We can’t connect to the router, and when we do get a few seconds of connection and then it quickly disconnects.

We have tried rebooting everything, disabling adapters, and we are now trying to reimage the cRio (but we think we might be making things worse).

We are also running Python.


It’s most likely a wiring issue. The cRIO, if properly imaged, will not activate any outputs (except the RSL) when the robot is disabled.

What parts of your robot are moving in disabled mode?

Is everything wired correctly? Some motor controllers will output power all the time if they’re wired backwards. This can damage them, so don’t turn your robot on until you’ve given your wiring a good thorough look over.

It is turning on the compressor for random amounts of time.

We don’t believe it’s a wiring problem because it has been working the whole time, and we have checked it. This problem started after taking the robot to a practice field where other robots were running and we think there might have been an interference problem.

I’m not sure why sort of interference you mean. For wifi interference to make a permanent modification to your robot’s behavior would be pretty unexpected.

As mentioned, the FPGA will not enable outputs like the spike for your compressor except when enabled. I’d start there and identify how your compressor is getting power through the spike. It is likely bypassing and it turning on and off based on the pressure switch.

Do you have any way to debug your code. Even when disabled, your code is running, reading sensors, joysticks. Use this to safely debug your robot’s code.

Greg McKaskle

Thank you for the reply! We ended up reimaging the cRio and that seems to have fixed problems!