CRIO Not Responding

So, last weekend we decided to try to reimage our new robot’s CRIO to use WindRiver C++. However, we did something wrong, and now nothing is working. First, we had it fully working in LabVIEW–and we got C++ working on our 2011 robot. But on our 2012 robot–we couldn’t get the imaging tool to work. It would wait for an incredibly long time, showing the message “Rebooting the CRIO”. It would stay in this same state indefinitely (we could still drive the robot while this message was up, with full comm over wireless).

We read somewhere that we needed to put the robot into safe mode. So, we put it into safe mode by holding down the reset button for 5 seconds. It didn’t work; we got the same problems. We tried to get it out of safe mode by holding the reset button down for 5 more seconds. This did not work; (we’re thinking we might have hard reset the CRIO). after this, and soft resetting / rebooting the CRIO multiple times, we have our main problem:

We cannot get comm with the robot over the imaging tool or the driver station. It shows up in MAX (Measurement & Automation) with some strange IP address (something like 169.xx.84.xx); when we try to right click on the robot and format it, or do anything with it, it asks for an administrator password. Now, we don’t know what this password might be. Or even if this is the right way to do things.

But, either way, we have an open house next Tuesday, and need to get it working ASAP.

Please help us–we have absolutely no idea what is going on. It would be helpful if there was any way to reset the CRIO to factory settings, or to the state it was in when we received it in our KOP last year.

Thanks in advance!!

-phynix, Team 3130 [the ERRORS]

Regarding imaging the cRio, have you read this thread?

We had this issue last year. You should check to see if you have more than one
ip address for your network interface. For whatever reason, sometimes windows decides
to add the ip-addr as an ‘extra’ ip-address instead of replacing the existing one.
While everything works in this situation, the re-imaging tool does not. We think it gets confused with the multiple ip-addresses defined.

To see if you have this issue, open a ‘cmd’ window and type ipconfig.
You should see something like:
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
And one single ip-address listed under:
IP Address . . . . .
IP Address Alias . .

Deleting the adapter and adding it back doesn’t work, the system ‘remembers’
the configuration. You can use the ‘netsh’ command to delete it.

type at the cmd prompt
netsh interface ip delete address name=“Local Area Connection” addr=