cRio Not responding

Recently, our cRio has decided to randomly stopped responding. Re-imaging it allows us to upload code a couple of time but after that it stops responding again. We are using labview and we get the following message when attempting to upload code: The Real-Time Target is not responding. After displaying this for second time it will just stop, and will not finish uploading the code.

We are using the cRio that came in the rookie kit last year, and the 2013 v47 image. We have tried uploading both over wifi and ethernet. Our Ip address is set correctly. The driver station also recognizes that we are connected to the cRio.

Any Help would be appreciated.



Until the promised update is released (next week?), there’s a bug in the SmartDashboard implementation. If the Dashboard is open, code running on the robot won’t shut down when requested. That keeps new code from being deployed.

The workaround for the bug is simple: close the Dashboard before you try to upload code to the cRIO.

Thanks, this has really helped!