cRIO not responding

When we try to deploy our code from Labview to the cRIO, we get a message that says “Waiting for real-time target to respond”. The communications light in the driver station is green. We’ve tried rewiring the router, and restarting our cRIO and router, but it still doesn’t work.

This issue happened last week too, but it went away the next day, and it seems to be back today.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Have you installed the latest (5.1) LabVIEW update? It was just released this past week. One of the things it fixes is an inability to replace existing code when a Dashboard program is open.

We’ve had this problem with all three of our cRIOs since the update. Reimaging them seemed to fix it.

We have that update, and we tried re imaging it.

Some additional details I forgot to add:
We changed Ethernet cables and we don’t have crossed cables. This occurs both when we “Run as Startup”, and when we run from “Robot”.

Close the Dashboard program before trying to deploy code. If that works, you probably either haven’t successfully installed the update, or you haven’t built the code since installing it.

We’ve tried deploying with the dashboard closed, and it still doesn’t work.