Crio Not Taking Code (Different Problem)

I am trying to deploy some c++ code to our crio and it acts like it is deploying but then when i go back into the driver station it says that there is no code on the robot. I have tried reimaging it and i also reset it to the factory defaults. Is there any way to fix this?

After deploying the code, are you power cycling the cRIO? If you don’t have code on there, deploy, then don’t turn it off then back on, the DS will show no code.

If you are, then you’ll want to watch the console as the cRIO comes up to see if there’s an error that is causing the program to not load properly. For example, if you’re accessing memory during initialization that hasn’t been allocated your program will crash and it will look like there isn’t code running (which technically there isn’t because it crashed). If your code has an error like this, you will see a whole bunch of stuff spew onto the console that will point you in the right direction.

It’s possible your code is bombing out right away - use NetConsole to see if that is happening.
You’ll find NetConsole in your Windows Programs menu. It was installed with the other FRC Utilities.

From the C++ Getting Started GuideNote: Netconsole will only work if the netmask on the interface connected to the robot is set to
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“Deploy” can mean different things based on who’s saying it, what tool they’re using, and what they’re thinking when they say it. You might be doing something subtly incorrect, or even wildly incorrect for what you want to have happen. Please tell us exactly what you’re doing when you try to deploy – which buttons you’re clicking, what keys you’re pressing, how long you’re waiting, that sort of detail.

Im am working with Elliot. We have found another issue. Every once and a while an message woud come up the an I/O unit was not install properaly

That just means that the optional Cypress board is not plugged in.
It’s meaningless to you if you don’t use it.

so then why would it give us that error message?

The message tells you that the I/O unit is not connected. You will see it if the I/O unit is not connected. If you don’t have the I/O unit connected, the message is not describing an error; it is describing an expected condition.

If you were using the Cypress board for IO, then it would be important to you to know you forgot to plug it in.

The Driver station can’t tell if we want it to be there or not, so it just tells us when the Cypress isn’t connected and lets us worry about if that’s a problem or not.

so how do we fix the problem of the code not staying on the crio

We can’t tell you what to fix if you don’t give us some details about how it’s going wrong.

We download the C++ program to the robot and reboot it with the clam. When it turns back on the robot shows no code

When you say “Download” are you referring to the “FIRST Deploy” menu or are you talking about running or debugging your application through the “Remote Systems” debugger connection?

Have you checked the console? Is the FRC_UserProgram.out ending up on the cRIO in /ni-rt/system/ as expected?