cRio out of memory

Hello all,
When trying to deploy the code to the cRIO it ends up with a “Memory is Full” error immediately after trying to deploy “Robot Main”, at about 2% free memory.
I see no reason for our code to take up all the available memory.

Thank you for your help.

I would like to see some code before I can tell you a solution.

but are you using a camera because if you are not freeing the images it could kill memory pretty fast.

Another possibility is that your code is saving images or log files to the cRio’s internal storage and you’ve filled it all up, but I think RoboKiller’s is more likely.

We had this problem with an 8 slot cRIO because the new cRIO has more storage than previous years and the new image is larger than previous ones. So if you have a 4 card cRIO and not using it I would suggest trying that.

Format the C-RIO using the C-RIO Imaging tool 2012 provided with the Labview installation. This will clear out the data on the C-RIO, should free the space up for your code to deploy.