Crio Problem

Hey my friends:

Two days ago our robot was working very good, yesterday I can’t move sensors, camera, encoder.But only the motor can work I dont know why, is the same program, the same conextion, I changed the wires conexion but the problem is the same I am thinking if is the problem with Crio so I want to Know if could be this problem, What happens if I reset the Crio??? the problem is common???

Thank you!!

PD: What update I need for restart the Crio??

All the updates you need are on, if yo haven’t updated he CRIo image then that might be a part of your problem. You might also check to make sure your crio and camera are electrially isolated fom your frame, we had a CRio blow a fuse b/c it wasnt isolated. And resetig the crio basically rboots it.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the mistakes… Typing on an iPod touch is not easy!

Check your pwm system for shorts. If any of the pwms are shorting between the hot and ground, the 5 volt current will be diminished, and will not work. Check all inputs and outputs.

Hope this helps