cRio Problems

When i try to load the program to the cRio it shows an error message

Access denide: This target is running a version of LabView Real-Time that is different that the real time module software on the host computer. You can verify the version and reinstall the Real-Time software using Measurement & Automation Explorer.

When I go to the Measurement & Automation Explorer it shows an other error ans it saids

"Error -63040 (kRIOStatusRPCConnectionError):
A connection could not be established to the specified remote device. Ensure that the device is on and accessible over the network, that NI-RIO software is installed, and that the RIO server is running and properly configured.

For NI-RIO 2.3 and later, refer to Software>>NI-RIO>>NI-RIO Settings under the system in MAX.
Prior to NI-RIO 2.3, refer to Software>>NI-VISA>>VISA Options under the system in MAX."

Can any one help me understand what that means

Thank you

wrong thread, this is for CAD

Actually this is about connecting to the Crio.

What it looks like is you have two different versions of the LabView environment running. Have you made sure that the Crio is imaged correctly (v19)?


i meant the sub-forum