Crio problems

We are having troubles with out Crio we have tried virtual every thing it will keep dropping the code every sec.
Post any ideas we will try them all (with in reason) if we don’t fined out I don’t know what we will do.

Heres an idea, is the crio faulty? have you tried to see if it even works on its own? i know u probably already tried this but its an idea.


see if it even works on its own?

I forgot to mention we are having the OTA problem and the crio is continually dropping the code.

Can you better define what you mean by, “Dropping the code?” Also, I don’t know what you’re referring to by OTA, sorry.


Well, does your robot accumulate a lot of static electricity? I am not sure, but I have heard that static can cause some parts of the bot to malfunction. To solve this problem, my team decided to attach an open wire from the center of the bot underneath and then let it dangle and touch the ground. I have heard certain wheels can be a primary cause of static electricity.

Thanks all for helping a mentor came and helped us with the problem

Can you please post how it was fixed? We are having what sounds like the same issue, and can’t seem to get it fixed.

seems like a lot of people are having a problem with their crio. mine simply wont turn on. any suggestions?

check the battery, 9/10 times, its the battery (compressors eat battery)