cRIO Problems


Since updating WR and reimaging the cRIO, we have had a few problems.

Problem #1:

Downloading code takes nearly ten minutes

Problem #2:
When code is downloaded, and after cRIO+ DS is restarted, the DS displays “No Code”

Suggestions? :slight_smile:

can you run the code that you download?

Have you also patched WindRiver, LabView, and the Driver’s Station to the newest versions as well?

  1. Are you fully updated?

  2. By downloading do you mean deploying? Or does it take 10 minutes when you hit the white run arrow. You shouldn’t be deploying too often… running it from the laptop is much faster. Deploy when you’re done.

  3. Is the “No App” switch on the cRIO switched to Off like it should be?

Did you configure the right .out file?

Windows >> Preferences >> FIRST Downloader Preferences

If you get the wrong one, it won’t work. It should be the same name as the project you are working on.

Whoops, completely missed that you’re using WR. Skip my second point!

Our team has never had that first problem however, we have had the “No Code” error before. Once was when I updated the WPILib to 1.2 but neglected to update the cRIO to v7 >_<

However, even after making sure that everything was updated, I still got the “No Code” error. The problem was that the code I ws trying to load was from a new VxWorks 6.3 Downloadable Kernel Module Project that I created instead of just editing one of the examples. If you’ve already updated everything and are still having problems, try creating a new copy of one of the examples and loading it. If that works then you may be suffering the same problem as we were.

By the way, this isn’t in any of the references or manuals (in fact right now the ‘Create An Application’ page is blank ><) but, how exactly what settings would have to be set to make a project from scratch. I’m only somewhat familiar with eclipse and my knowledge is from eclipse 3.4x not the 3.3x that WindRiver is based on so any information will be of great help ^^

Look at the Users Guide in c:\windriver\docs\extentions\FRC. It has examples of how to create a project from scratch. The way to do it is to take one of the sample programs and edit it into your robot program. The examples are very short and easy to understand. In particular, you might try “SimpleTemplate” and fill in your Autonomous and OperatorControl methods. There’s some stuff in the Users Guide that walks you through it.