cRIO Program Delay

I couldn’t find it, but a thread probably already exists about this problem.

The cRIO works great, our code works, however even with default program code the cRIO seems to follow this time table. (Approximitly)

000s cRIO turned on.
040s Labview dashboard begins receiving data. (As well as Driver station)
080s User-created code begins to run.

I am using the windriver development enviroment.

If I’m not mistaken an 80 second delay between the turn on of a robot and the start of its usefulness will prove too long for the way we normally do competitions. It also makes testing a real pain.

Is this problem widespread or are we just having some kind of funny bug? (Its not just our code, we’ve loaded several different templates/samples provided with windriver)

This suggests you are performing a download/reboot/test cycle. You do not have to cycle in this manner. As long as your primary FRC_RobotTask and any other tasks you may spawn are deletable, you can configure WindRiver Run to download you modifications and launch immediately. We have our compile/download/test cycle down to about 7 seconds on a Core 2 Duo laptop (longer for the more ancient beasts). If FRC_RobotTask pre-exists, then your code will display a console message saying so and fail to spawn the new modified program.

What we do is assign a key on our joystick that when pressed, stops all sub-tasks, delete’s them and free’s any other wandering (but relevant) resources finally performing an exit(0);. This completely washes out all essence of the previous program. This takes less than a second to perform. We are saving and changing our modifications on the laptop then have configured the ‘Run As’ entry to download and launch the code. On actioning the ‘Run’ icon on the toolbar, the code is downloaded and executed. About 7 seconds all-in, though the number of source compilations will extend the number.

Hope this helps!

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Wait, let me get this straight.

Your ending the program on the cRIO? I guess this makes sence, but how are you restarting it (the task) from the remote computer?

It would help quite a bit if we could do something like that.

There’s nothing under “Run As” in the pulldown menu in windriver.
As for run, it only runs the program on the local computer, not on the cRIO.