CRiO programming

Everything I have read says we can still code for the 4 slot CRiO but not the 8 slot. After installing the 2015 though on a fresh system I am only seeing RoboRio project and no CRiO project. Am I missing something?

We have our 2013 bot we want the new programmers to start programming Monday.



From the game manual R56:

ROBOTS must be controlled via one (1) programmable National Instruments roboRIO (P/N: am3000), with image version FRC_2016_v19 and firmware v3.0.0.

So you need a roboRIO. As you’ve discovered, there is no version of the current control system for a cRIO this year (or last year either, I believe).

If you’re a LabView team, you might be able to have your programmers practice on one of your old cRIOs, but if you’re Java or C++, there are enough differences (particular in the development environments) that I wouldn’t recommend it.

Presumably you have at least one roboRIO? Do you not want to take it off of last year’s robot?

Software for 2014 should work for you - the license… well, let’s just say it is still valid.

When does this license expire? I’ve noticed it’s the only version so far that hasn’t expired at the end of the year.

That license is permanent.

To program for the cRIO:

Launch LabVIEW

Under new, select “FRC RoboRIO project”

In the menu that pops up, change the bubble selection at the bottom to “Arcade Drive Robot - cRIO”

And then you can code.

The issue I’ve had with the cRIOs is getting the 2015 version of driver station to work properly. I ended up using the one from 2014 when cRIOs were still standard issue. (Arial Assist year)