cRIO Re-Image

Hi everyone!

I went to re-image my roboRIOs and cRIOs last night but only found a re-imaging tool for the roboRIO.

I couldn’t even find a template for the cRIO in labVIEW (like there is in the 2016 version).

I looked on NI for a product description of FRC labVIEW and it didn’t say anything about removing cRIO functionality.

We use the cRIOs in the off season and would like to re-image them for this version of labVIEW.

Is there a way to do this or do I just have to use labVIEW 2016 with them?

Starting with FRC 2017, the cRIO is no longer supported. Your best bet would be to use FRC 2014. I believe that is the year we set the LabVIEW for FRC license to not expire. I would also suggest you use a dedicated machine for FRC 2014 and cRIOs - not try to install it alongside FRC 2017.

You can find the 2014 software at the bottom of this post: