cRIO reimaging pains

Hi everyone. While trying to update last year’s cRIO with this year’s image, we got the infamous “The specified IP address is unreachable. Ensure that the IP address is on the correct subnet.” error.

A few notes:

  • Yes, IPs are correct. The cRIO is still set to from last year and the laptop is on a static IP of
  • Yes, the subnet mask is
  • Yes, I’m using this year’s install of the development software that came with the KOP.
  • Yes, I have installed the mandatory LabVIEW update with the 2010 version 19 image
  • Yes, the firewall is off
  • Yes, the cRIO has adequate power.
  • I’ve tried both a normal and crossover cable (I know you’re supposed to use a crossover.)
  • Just to be safe, I’ve disabled the laptop’s wirless network drivers, so the only enabled network connection is through the ethernet port.
  • The really funny thing is that I can ping the cRIO and it replies back, but then the error message indicates that it can’t find the IP.

I’m going to try on a different laptop tonight, but that’s the only idea I have. Do you guys have any suggestions?

The notes you list are good, but but additionally, make sure that the no networks are enabled, including virtual ones, and simplify the network connection as much as possible, no switches or routers during imaging the cRIO.

Greg McKaskle

Done and done. The laptop is plugged directly into the cRIO, and every other network is disabled. I’m at a loss by what might be causing it here.

Do you have a null modem serial cable available? If so, can you toggle the Console Out dip switch, connect a serial cable to your PC, and save the output you get on your PC? (You can use Window’s built-in hyperterminal, baud 9600). Posting that output may help us diagnose the problem.

There was a situation during beta where severely corrupted cRIOs were resulting in this error message being displayed. The solution in that scenario is to toggle the Safe Mode dip switch on, reboot, then run the imaging tool. You should get a dialogue that the tool has detected the cRIO is in safe mode asking if you want to reformat the device. Select the reformat option, and when it is done, toggle off safe mode, reboot, and run the imaging tool again to image the target normally.

We tried it on a second laptop and it worked. It might have had to do with the fact that the first laptop we tried still had software from last year on it, although we were using the new software.

Shouldn’t be and be I don’t think it will matter but it’s worth a shot.

Those values are exactly the same. The zero doesn’t matter.

Hey guys, we had the exact same problem as the op.
It was also originally done on a laptop that had leftovers of old software on it. Once we switched to a new computer it worked, so this seems to be the working solution.

Unless that old computer also had that old SW running and also trying to find cRIOs, I think it is more likely that the old computer’s firewall or networking was setup as required. But what do I know.

Greg McKaskle

our team solved the problem. not sure how though… im not in code. if anyone wants to know ill go tell slavik to post

If you could, that’d be great. We’re having this problem on the classmate PC, which never had any of last year’s software.

Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but my team is also having this a problem on a computer that never had last year’s software on it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

We are having this exact problem without any resolution. All setting are correct ( and We communicate with the cRIO with both a crossover and straight through. The imaging process starts and then gives the error “The specified address is unreachable. Ensure IP address is on the correct subnet.”

Also, during the connection process it disconnects and reconnects the laptop to the cRIO. Then the error message pops.

We removed Labview and all of its components and reinstalled everything including all updates. We really could use some help as we are trying to get the camera working.

Feel free to contact me through email at

First off, you are replying to a year old thread. The answers from then may be different from now. In the future if you see 2010 dates, you might get better response if you start a new thread.

I just ran into this with a laptop. After making sure it had the LabVIEW update

and the Utilities update

here is what worked for me:

  1. Make sure all NICs but the one wired to the cRIO are Disabled - even wireless NICs.
  2. Wire to the cRIO through a router - I wired through the FRC D-Link. This seems to be the most important step. I could never get it to work otherwise. We don’t exactly know why this is yet.
  3. If you get the cRIO into a state where step 2 doesn’t work, turn on the SAFE MODE switch on the cRIO and reboot it.
  4. Run the cRIO imaging tool. If the cRIO is in SAFE MODE, the imaging tool will prompt what to do - when to turn off SAFE MODE etc.