cRIO reset

We are having trouble with our cRIO. First, the jaguars aren’t running even though we have communication with the sidecar. We then tried to change the code because it was the only thing we could think of that might be wrong. Not one of our computers were able to communicate with it in order to download the program. We got an error saying there was something wrong with the IP address. We made sure all IP addresses were correct. We’ve gone through everything we could think of, even resetting it with a manual reset but now we can’t communicate. Any ideas?

Thanks, Team 128

Can you describe your setup a bit better?

Is your driver station set up?
Can you ping the crio and driverstation from your development computer?
What language are you using?
What is the first step in the getting started manual that fails?
Have you installed the latest updates?

I think it might be your Driver Station’s mismatched IP address. Try check your driver station’s IP

Reimage the cRio with the right IP.
Check the driver station IP address.

Then open the driver station up while in the Developer account, deploy the code in labview, and hit enable in the driver station program and try it out.

We had similar issues with not getting comms, until we realized how we overlooked something so simple.

The only error I recognize as matching that description is reporting an IP address conflict. It says that another computer on the network is using the same IP address as the one you’re trying to use. Try disconnecting everything from the network except for the cRIO and the Driver Station and see if you get a green light for communication. Then insert the router between them. Then add the computer you’re using for development, making sure its address is 10.x.y.6 or higher. If at any point you lose communication, that narrows down the possibilities for further investigation.

Thanks, but nothing is working. We are trying to re-image the cRIO and now we can’t even get the cRIO to show up on a local area connection. So, there is still no way to communicate. Please help!

Thanks for any help,
Controls Team, Team 128