crio run as startup wont work

After we build the program we right click on the boot-up deployment ad select run as star up. But when we do this it says we haven’t built our program yet. I don’t know where we went wrong. So, if you have any information on what we did wrong, or a step by step guide it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks form team 3620.
these are the messages it gives us.

Steps to run as startup:

Open Robot and look at the “run” button (it’s a triangle, along the toolbar on the top.)
If it is white and good, you can close Robot If it is grey and broken, there is an error in your code and you must fix it before compiling.

Open Autonomous and check that one too, if you have made any changes to it. Errors here will not be seen from Robot Main.

Go to FRC Boot-Up Deployment, right-click, and say “Build”
(wait for it to finish)
Assuming it finishes successfully, right-click again and say “Run as Startup”.

You just forgot to build before downloading.

Also - If it says “Waiting for Real-Time Target to respond” with a button that says “Stop waiting and disconnect”, it hasn’t failed. It is just waiting. Let it wait.

do exactly as the person above me has suggested. and to make sure it isnt the end of your problems, make sure you do the updates listed in todays team update #8 :slight_smile: best of luck!

How are you building your project?