crio setup

My team is having difficulty with the FRC crio II that we purchased recently. i followed the getting started guide and tried a few suggestions on CD (crio not in safe mode, ip is correct) but have not been able to get the crio imaging tool to find the crio. i have checked and have both the labview and ultilities updates installed. The setup worked with the 8-slot crio that we have right now but we wont be able to use it for competition. The 4-slot crio is out of the box with no settings changed so what steps do i need to take to get the crio to be reconized by the imaging tool and the driverstation?

Thanks in Advance

Is your windows firewall turned off? What is the laptop’s IP address?

yes the firewall is off. i have tried,,,

Try also make sure you have it tethered via the ethernet crossover cable.

Some things to try:

  • Disable all other networks on your computer, so that only the Ethernet going out to the DLink-cRIO is Enabled. Do not just turn them off, actually go into the Control Panel and Disable them all.
  • Keep all your IP settings as they should be, moving them around can only hurt.
  • Use the DLink between your PC and the cRIO and keep everything to Ethernet cables until you get it imaged.
  • Anti-virus off, as well as, your Firewall.
    *]Try a different computer.

Also make sure you are not using last years imaging tool… if you’re using a laptop with software from previous years. That would work with the old cRio but not the new one (I think). The new one is labeled “FRC 2012 Imaging Tool”.